SyncWise understands selecting an Enterprise Software provider is an important business decision. Below you can find information pertaining to use policies, modules, devices, pricing and support. If you would like to receive additional information regarding SyncWise 360, please fill out the form in the Contact Support section. A support associate will get back to you as soon as possible. For urgent requests, contact support by email or phone during normal business hours.

What are the computer hardware requirements to run 360?

As a cloud based platform, there are minimal technology or hardware requirements for the course. Any internet connected device can access 360 including computers, tablets and mobile devices as long as they use a Chrome browser.

What is the cost for the 360 software?

The SyncWise 360 platform offers multiple pricing plans to support your needs. Most modules within the platform offer course solutions without extensive costs. Other modules have standard features and premium features based on the needs for your business.

Do I need to use all of the solutions SyncWise 360 offers?

No. 360 is constructed with modules so business can utilize any combination of modules within the platform. Most business already have software solutions in use. By providing a modular solution, we are able to assist businesses with their immediate needs while demonstrating the entire platform for future integration.

How can we setup my business to use SyncWise 360?

Entering business parameters into our system is simple. SyncWise will need your business name, address, contact information, website information and expected modules for use. Our team will create login credentials for the main contact at your business to begin the customization process and add new users into the 360 platform.

How do we add products into the register?

Using the inventory module the course must setup vendors. Once vendors are entered, you can create category specific products and items within the inventory module. Going back into the register module you can see that by assigning the categories will group the products into register buttons for use in the point of sale process.

How do we do split transactions?

Split transactions must be completed as two individual transactions. If you want to complete the sale for a tee time on a specific credit card and purchase a hat with a different card, the course will perform two individual transactions.

What are the menu buttons at the top of each module?

The DNA platform is populated with widgets that allow actions to be performed by a simple button press. Each widget will act as a menu item to guide users through appropriate actions to complete the desired task.